At Tian Hai, our goal is to operate our business in the most responsible way we know how. This means we address all levels, from product sourcing to packaging. Most of our materials are upcycled. We take what could potentially be heading to a landfill and use it for our accessories. Taking wood leftover from an architectural project and cutting it into pieces for jewelry. Or making most of our packaging compostable, not just recyclable. 

It means we are constantly pursuing and learning new methods. We have learned natural ways to stain our woods. We have found resources for deadstock fabrics. We have found companies that recycle the most unexpected materials, and are learning how we can partner with them. We are excited to call attention to these challenges.

It means learning more about communities that are in need and how we can give back. It means interacting with and experiencing the needs of this world. It means traveling to embrace history and cultural differences.